Frontend development and web design

Is front end the same as web design? Both yes and no - frontend involves a good understanding of design, but is also based on programming and coding. Frontend development also involves a lot of knowledge in UX design, or user experience - because the frontend is what the customer sees and acts with.

When developing websites and digital platforms, it is important that the user interface is intuitive, responsive and optimized for changes and updates along the way.

At JR Design, our frontend developers are specialists in their field with broad experience from various projects. We use javascript, html and css, and are experts in several CMS platforms and tools.

Some of what our frontend developers can assist with is:

  • Development, design and operation of frontend solutions such as websites, online stores, information screens, learning platforms, etc.
  • The link between frontend and backend: ensure that the user-friendly platforms also talk to the heavier server systems and ensure cross-functionality.
  • Develop new static and dynamic HTML assets and components for online and offline platforms, mobile apps, display advertising on websites, and more.