Graphic design

A good design plays an important role when you want to stand out from the crowd, and not least stand out from the competition so that the customer chooses you and your services or products. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, and must quickly convince a potential customer to go for you and your company. A well-executed graphic design can create a stopping effect with the audience, and contribute to increased attention. Graphic design also has a key role when it comes to the company's identity and message. Through media design, you can visually express how you want the company to be experienced - safe, credible, creative and exciting. During the development of a visual profile, strategy and insight are used to achieve the desired result.

Visual identity

A visual identity, or graphic profile, is strongest when it is repeated in the company's various contact points across digital platforms, but also in physical meetings with customers, business partners and industry colleagues.

There are many people who believe that just a logo is enough when it comes to visual profile. Although name and logo are in themselves important parts of an identity, it is a combination of name, logo, colours, images and other graphic elements that make up a profile as a whole.

Our web designers also have experience and expertise in visual design. We can assist with design development of visual identity such as logo, profile and profile manual both for digital surfaces and for printed material. We also contribute with a graphic designer for rollups for your trade fair stand, product brochures and packaging design.

Contact preferably to get a new view of how your company or business can benefit from a new or refreshed graphic profile.


What can JR Design offer in graphic design?

We have good expertise in web design and can here help you with your visual identity. In addition, we have a graphic designer in house who can assist with anything you may need, from logos, rollups, brochures and much more.

Why is using a graphic designer so important?

By having a good graphic expression of your company, you will be able to gain more attention and be more visible. You will also be able to give your company a visual identity that creates credibility and recognition.

Can the company keep the old logo for the new website?

There is no problem transferring an old logo into a new website, and if this is a well-known and well-functioning logo, it may be wise not to do anything with the logo. On the other hand, a renewal of the logo can also lead to curiosity and interest from both old acquaintances and new potential customers. Such a renewal could signal that the company has not stagnated, but is keeping up with the times and adapting to the future.